Our fields serve Colorado’s best youth soccer camps, available throughout the year for three-year-olds to 18-year-olds, from beginner to elite. Learn from the nation’s top coaches in a fun, educational, and exciting environment. Find a field below.


Ash Grove Park

Ash Grove Park has four 100ft by 165ft grass fields for U9/U10 game days. Use of fields requires permits held by CRYSC.

Ash Grove Park, 1701 South Holly St, Denver, CO 80222, USA

Aurora Sports Park

Aurora Sports Park (ASP) is a 220-acre site with 23 grass soccer/multi-use fields and 4 turf fields with lights. Fields are located in eastern Aurora and have some of the most beautiful and well-kept fields in the state.

Turf Conditions: closed
(Updated 08/15/2022 6:30 pm)
Grass Conditions: closed
(Updated 05/31/2022 6:00 pm)

Aurora Sports Park, 19300 East Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80018, USA

City Park

City Park in the heart of Denver is used by many of teams for practices and games. City Park has 4 grass fields; 40ft x 70ft, 40ft x 80ft, 50ft x 80ft, and 60ft by 90ft. None of the fields have lights. All fields require permits.

Turf Conditions: open
(Updated 06/01/2022 6:00 pm)

1700 York St, Denver, CO, USA

Cook Park

Cook Park has two 100ft x 165ft grass fields in this park by the Cook Rec Center. Use of fields require permits held by CRYSC.

7100 Cherry Creek S Dr, Denver, CO 80224, USA

Crestmoor Park

Crestmoor Park is one of the club’s most popular parks. Recreational teams use the park for both practices and games. Rapids Youth Soccer also hosts many camps and clinics in the park. There are two 40ft x 80ft grass fields and two 60ft x 100ft grass fields. None of the fields have lights. Use of fields require permits held by CRYSC.

Crestmoor Park, South Monaco Parkway, Denver, CO, USA

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, home of the MLS Colorado Rapids Soccer Team, consists of 22 grass fields and 2 turf fields. These fields are used for both games and practices for our elite competitive teams. Each of the fields are 70ft x 110ft. Fields are often segmented into smaller field sizes to accommodate our younger players. Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club often holds team meeting here as well.

Turf Conditions: open
(Updated 08/17/2022 3:35 pm)
Grass Conditions: open
(Updated 08/17/2022 3:35 pm)

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Victory Way, Commerce City, CO, USA

Fred Thomas Park


Turf Conditions: open
(Updated 06/06/2022 2:00 pm)

Fred Thomas Park, Quebec Street, Denver, CO, USA

Lowry Sports Park

The Lowry Sports Park, a Denver Parks and Recreation complex, has 4 grass fields (70ft x 120ft) and 2 turf fields with lights (70ft x 120ft). Often, we segment the grass fields into smaller sizes to accommodate our younger players. This complex is located in the Lowry neighborhood and used by our recreational program for games, and by our competitive teams for practices.

Lowry Sports Park, 8200 Sports Blvd, Denver, CO 80230, USA

Regis University


Turf Conditions: open
(Updated 06/06/2022 2:00 pm)

Regis University, Regis Boulevard, Denver, CO, USA

Stapleton Central Park

Stapleton Central Park, located in the heart of Stapleton, serves as a practice location and game site for many of our recreational teams. The park has 7 grass field, 6 of these fields are 30ft x 50ft, the other field is 50ft x 80ft. The fields are commonly segmented into smaller game day fields for our younger players.

Stapleton Central Park, 8801 E M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Stapleton, Denver, Colorado, USA

Veterans Park


Turf Conditions: open
(Updated 06/06/2022 2:00 pm)

Veterans Park, East Iowa Avenue, Denver, Colorado, USA