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Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced, small-sided football game that originates from South America in the 1930s. It is widely played across the world and is the small-sided football format that is officially recognized by both UEFA and FIFA. Ever heard of Messi or Ronaldo, Ronahldino or Neymar? These are some of the very best soccer players in the world who credit futsal as a huge part of their development and the reason why they became the player they are today.

Futsal is a game of imagination and creativity, deception and lies, that uses teamwork and synergy to outscore the opponent. Players are required to manipulate and master the ball, and invade and exploit space in a high-pressure, high-reward environment. Subsequently, futsal is an excellent breeding ground for football competencies that can be translated into the 11-a-side format of the game.

Futsal is played on a smaller, hard court, mainly indoors. It is played with two teams of five players, one of whom is a goalkeeper. Unlimited substitutions are permitted which allows the game to remain at a high pace throughout. Futsal is played with a smaller, low-bounce ball on a court delimited by lines. These rules all encourage the game’s emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique. In partnership with United Futsal along with our 20,000+ sq/ft indoor facility with two futsal courts, we are set up to develop some of the best youth futsal teams in the nation.

8U-16U Futsal Event Details

$800 - $1200 Depending on Program: CCS, Showcase or Training
  • Regionals (Las Vegas, Dec 16-18 2022)

  • Nationals (Orlando, July 7-8, 2023)

  • Worlds (Orlando, July 10-12, 2023)

  • Year Round Training

  • Exclusive United Futsal Swag Pack

  • Exclusive Access to The Vault

  • Uniform Separate

Elite Futsal Player Placement

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club (CRYSC) Elite Futsal offers high-level, skill-based players the opportunity to bring their talents to the courts and progress through the CRYSC Elite Player Pathway in a way that fits their game!

8U-16U Rapids Select, EDS, and ECNL athletes are invited to try out for 2022/23 Rapids Futsal programming this September 11, 18, and 25.

Tryout Information

  • Who? 8U-16U (2015-2007) Boys & Girls | Tryouts are open to advanced-level players. Elite experience is highly encouraged. 
  • When? September 11, 18, 25, 2022 
  • Where? Berce Athletic Center at Regis University | 3333 Regis Blvd, Denver, CO 80221 
  • Cost? $60 fee for access to all 3 days of tryouts; Future expenses for players include 2-3 required travel events and season training costs.
  • Contact? CRYSC Futsal Admin – Christie Hurt at [email protected]

Selection Process/Overview

The selection process for CRYSC futsal teams will begin with the interest form. Next, the Director of Futsal Programming will collaborate with age group directors of coaching from all five Rapids Youth regions. Tryout invitations will be sent to players that fit the futsal player profile from local Director recommendations.

The coaching staff will select a full-time roster for the three events in the calendar year (Regionals, Nations, and Worlds) and players will compete in all three. The futsal program will offer players the opportunity to play at the highest level of youth futsal competition in the US, therefore will require a very high commitment to training and additional player development.  

These teams will train at the Berce Athletic Center at Regis University. Out-of-state travel should be expected for the selected futsal teams with the west conference being hosted in Las Vegas, NV, and nationals and worlds in Orlando, FL. All training, education, and events are included in the program fees with travel and uniform at an additional cost.

Futsal Program Options

Champions Cup Series (CCS) Squad

The Champions Cup Series (CCS) Squad is Rapids Futsal’s highest level of competition and looks to provide the very best in competition as well as offering the world’s first elite level player pathway. Every year, the CCS squad competes in three major events, West Regionals, Nationals and the World Championships.

Showcase Squad

The Showcase Squad also participates in the West Regionals and World Championships. In addition, they compete in the World Futsal Showcase, the biggest youth futsal showcase in the world. Taking place in Orlando every year, these participants compete among the country’s top futsal talents.

Training Squad

The Training Squad provides newcomers with a chance to train alongside the CCS and Showcase squads. As these players engage and develop at this level, there are options to join one of the other squads for events, should the moment be appropriate.


Futsal Facility @ Regis University


The Berce @ Regis University, part of our Elite Performance Center, will be the only futsal-designated facility in Colorado, housing two full-size futsal pitches with futsal-specific lines to develop Colorado’s top futsal talent across the Front Range, with year-round programming and summer and residential futsal camps.

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