Rapids Youth Soccer & Regis Elite – Goalkeeping Camp (11U-19U)

A 5-day camp experience designed to develop Elite-level goalkeeping skills!

Rapids Youth Soccer is offering a range of Elite Goalkeeping Camps over 5 weekdays in June and July hosted at our Elite facilities. Each camp is assigned a specific topic that will be carried out by our elite staff over a course of a 3 hour period. In each session, goalkeepers will be grouped appropriately by age and stage before the session begins then spend the remaining time with a dedicated staff coach that will teach them the skills needed to take their game to the next level. The camps are bookable as individually, or as a 5 week series.


Ages: Boys & Girls born between 2004-2012

Dates: July 15, June 22, June 29, July 6, & July 20, 8AM – 11AM

Location: The Elite Performance Center at Regis | 3333 Regis Blvd, Denver, CO 80221

Cost: $595 for the full 5 weeks, $130 for individual sessions

Daily Schedule
7:30AM - 8:00AMCheck-in
8:00AM - 8:30AMActivation
8:30AM - 9:10PMTopic Introduction
9:15PM - 10:00PMProgression
10:05PM - 10:50PMGame Related Scenarios
10:50PM - 11:00PMTopic Recap and Conclusion

Goalkeeping Camp Sessions

[Session 1] Footwork & Handling: The topic being delivered in this session is focused on Footwork and Handling. Understanding the basics of this as a Goalkeeper is fundamental to performing successfully in this position. The coaches will practically support the participants in their execution of the correct footwork and handling via a range of game realistic drills and feedback.

[Session 2] Shot-Stopping from Tight-Angles: The topic being delivered in this session is focused on Shot stopping from tight angles. Shot stopping for any goalkeeper is a vital component of their skill set. Understanding how to protect and fill the goal, and ultimately make saves should be the staple diet of Goalkeeper practice. This session looks to focus on more detail and a particular aspect of shot-stopping – ‘shot-stopping from tight angles’. Adding another layer of understanding and practical knowledge will assist the participants to build their skill set in this vital position.

[Session 3] Shot-Stopping from High Shot-Stopping Positions:  The topic being delivered in this session is focused on Shot stopping from high positions. Similar to the previous week’s foundational topic, this week’s area remains focused on shot-stopping, however, the detail will be specific to ‘high areas’. High Areas are situations where the goalkeeper is required to make a stop/save from a place close to the goal. The skills involved are different from other moments, where instinct, positioning, and strength are vitally important given the reduction in time for the goalkeeper to make the saves. Coaches will recreate moments in the game that will seek to support the participant’s understanding and execution of this unique skill.

[Session 4] Ages 14+ Crosses from High & Shallow Positions: This age group will work on Crosses from High and Shallow Positions. As the 11v11 develops to utilize areas of the field where space is more frequently found (i.e. the wide areas), the need for the goalkeeper in being able to defend crosses from multiple positions on the field increases. Reading the game and executing the technical requirements of this topic will be concentrated on by the coaching staff to create a greater understanding and ability of the attendees.

[Session 4] Ages 10-12 Breakaways & 1v1s: This age group will work on Breakaways and 1v1s. The ability to read space, opposition, and team-mates in a ‘numbers down’ moment is a key function of the goalkeeper. Combining these skills with an understanding and execution of winning 1v1 battles with forwards will add to the overall abilities of goalkeepers.

[Session 5] Age 14 Distribution: This age group will work on ‘Distribution’. Similar to defending crosses, the 11v11 creates multiple opportunities to begin your team’s attack, and the skills required to execute this build-up begin with the goalkeeper’s distribution. A ball from hands or feet, short, medium, or long distances, decision making, and execution all come into sharp focus for this topic.

[Session 5] Ages 10-12 Futsal: This age group will work specifically on ‘Goalkeeping in Futsal’. The different pace of the game, the various skills needed, the smaller court space, new rules, and fewer teammates on the field all contribute to a different set of needs and styles of goalkeeping in this exciting and highly technical version of the game.

What’s included in the registration fee?

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner based on an elite players energy needs. Dietary requirements will be catered for. (no breakfast on arrival day, no dinner on departure day);
  • T-shirt & Daily Prizes;
  • Access to a range of campus facilities;
  • Development opportunities with some of Colorado’s finest soccer coaches;
  • And on-site Athletic Trainer in case of injury, and as deliverer of conditioning care education.

Attendee Requirements: Appropriate attire for 10 training sessions over 5 days (training top, shorts, socks, cleats, shin guards), overnight apparel and casual clothing for 5 days, multiple water bottles (hydration stations available)