Benefits of Becoming a Referee


Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club offers opportunities for interested members to become certified referees.

In Colorado, the Referee Course consists of two parts: an online module and field session.  Future referees must complete both sections in order to successfully pass the course and be registered with U.S. Soccer. The purpose of this program is to prepare officials for the recreational and small-sided youth game.

Core Values

The Colorado Referee Administration operates under the core values of SEE.




How to Become a Soccer Referee in Colorado

Who am I?Referee GradeOnline CourseField Session
Referee that hasn't recertified in 2-4 yearsComplete Grassroots Course (6 - 8 hours online work)Lapse in Registration Re-Certification CourseYes
Referee that hasn't recertified in 5+ years & wants to returnComplete Grassroots Course (6 - 8 hours online work)"Fast Track" Grade 8 CourseYes
Someone Looking to Become a RefereeMinimum Age of 13 (No Exceptions)

Referee Contacts

Rapids Fort CollinsDeanna Duncan-Allen[email protected]303.888.6863
Rapids NorthPatrick Carlin[email protected]303.931.4707
Rapids Central CompetitiveDeanna Duncan-Allen[email protected]303.550.6703
Rapids Central RecreationalLeonard Apodaca[email protected]303.483.5499
Rapids South Competitive Deanna Duncan-Allen[email protected]303.550.6703
Rapids South RecreationalLeonard Apodcaca[email protected]303.483.5499
Rapids Castle RockGraeme Florance[email protected]720.243.1991